About Us

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We provide exceptional service for business owners who look for product distributors, and offices and retails rental.


We are food and beverage distribution agency.  We help translate product and brand value from brand owners and find the right distributors for targeted customers and consumers.  We take care of tedious operation works while business owners can focus on brand and product excellence.  


For our offices and retails business, we believe in Hong Kong as a business hub now and in future.  Hence, we provide prime business spaces for owners of any businesses who would like to locate at the center of Hong Kong.


Since 1983 we have been providing services in Hong Kong, we believe that we have a core strength to help our clients, not only in Hong Kong but also in other countries.



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Self Photos / Files - favicon Provide Society with High quality services.
Self Photos / Files - favicon Help our partners grow Beyond limits with sustainability.
Self Photos / Files - favicon Always cherish trustful, royal, and profitable relationship.